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Concrete Leveling Services in Northeast, OH

Whether you own a home or manage a business, safety should be a top priority. When you have uneven or sunken concrete, it can be a serious hazard or cause drainage issues. Avoid injury and reduce risk with the help of a qualified technician. At TD Concrete Leveling, we believe in making our community as safe as possible. Whether your sidewalk needs to be lifted to prevent tripping or your driveway needs to be raised to correct drainage, we can do it all. For a quality service you can trust, backed by a Lifetime Warranty, look no further than the experts here at TD Concrete Leveling servicing in Northeast, OH.

The Concrete LEVELING Experts

Concrete looks great when it's freshly poured, however, overtime the ground underneath will start to settle which can result in sinking and uneven concrete. Focusing on both commercial and residential projects, we currently correct the following problems:

  • Uneven Concrete
  • Trip Hazards
  • Puddling From Inadequate Drainage
  • Cracks
  • Interior Slab Homes
  • Large Steps
  • Tree Root Removal
  • City Violations
  • Large Bumps into Garage

How Does It Work?

The raising or leveling process involves strategically placing small, penny-sized holes in the sunken concrete. Grout is then hydraulically pumped through the small holes to fill all of the voids. When enough pressure is built, the concrete will begin to rise. Finally, the holes are sealed with crack-resistant concrete. The raised section can be walked on immediately and can be driven on in under 24 hours.

How Does It Work? Table

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When you need the help of an experienced concrete leveling technician, turn to our team at TD Concrete Leveling in Northeast, OH. Give us a call today at (440) 229-1170 to learn more about concrete leveling and to request a free estimate.